Socialnomics: Social Media Revolution (Short 2:30 Version 9-27-2009)

Socialnomics: Social Media Revolution (Short 2:30 Version 9-27-2009)
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”NhPgUcjGQAw” title=”Socialnomics: Social Media Revolution (Short 2:30 Version 9-27-2009)” upload_time=”2009-09-28T02:45:58.000Z” description=”Many requested a shorter version of the original Social Media Revolution Video. Thanks for everyone’s interest in the video and book! Here is the 2:30 minute” duration=”PT2M36S”]
Many requested a shorter version of the original Social Media Revolution Video. Thanks for everyone’s interest in the video and book! Here is the 2:30 minute version. Music by Fat Boy Slim “Right Here, Right Now” (1999). Huge thanks to all the data sources which are listed out at Also if you like this video you will enjoy Karl Fisch’s amazing Shift Happens series and the just released 9/14 the 4.0 version.

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    I am a self employed Realtor in Chicago seeking to serve more new clients. Since 1989, I have learned that advertising never could bring enough business to justify the expense. The positive peer review that can be easily found online, is my hope & solution for growth.

  2. Ashford is for people who do not really want to go to school, I had more difficult classes in high school. If we want a challenge we should definitely pick a different college.

  3. that sounds crazy. If you knew everything you would not be in college. Online is just a way to make the classes and learning more convinent for the user. Evidently Ashford cares about our well being to give a class to either freshen up your skills or challenge what you know. I have a good grade also but it is because I have applied myself. I definitely have been out of college for a while where I had a 3.8, and that was going on to a campus, but I have benefited from this class.

  4. I definitely agree. If I could go back in time, I would’ve gone to ASU. They have an online college and since its a reputable college I’m sure they’re program is legit. Too late for me now since I’m about to graduate from Ashford. It is what it is.

  5. I am taking this class and its my 4th course..this is really easy but not when you got a life to juggle with kids, work, home, social life, marriage life and so on…ughh..what I got myself into…

  6. It is also funny that I am barely learning excell, power point and my 13 year old is already on publisher, passed MS word, excell, and powerpoint with flying colors..shes only in middle school and also already relates to some of my courses in Ashford…amazing huh..

  7. This is my homework for Ashford! I thank God for it! I love Social Media! I think it’s AWESOME, and I think these facts, and this video is AWESOME too! I still don’t like Excel! that not for me! i like writing! we all have our “likes”:):)

  8. Desiree, I don’t know how old you are but some of us that are doing Ashford University online classes have been out of high school for a long time. This class really is not a joke for these people and myself. When I was in high school we still had to type in the programs for things like MS Word, Excel and other things. It is way different now and some of us are have to learn it all over again. Have respect for us older generations, please and think about how we struggle with the new age.

  9. The point of the class is so that people can learn, if you want a bigger challenge contact your student advisor and ask them to give you harder classes, stop being such a spoiled little brat and knocking those who are out here trying to learn to work in a world that has drastically changed from what they grew up with. Show some respect.

  10. It’s also for people who have families and full time jobs and cannot afford to ABANDON all of that to do full time school. The university is accredited and understands that there are more generations out there who need to restart their lives and reset their educations than the spoiled brats who have come up with the internet. Some of us where in school when it started, others may have never even messed with a computer until now. That doesn’t change that different people have different needs.

  11. you have a really pissy attitude.Don’t downgrade Ashford U.By the way,not everybody was born in the computer ear.Just because you’re young and computer literate sure as hell doesn’t make you smarter than someone who isn’t computer savvy,did that make sense to you?Probably not!good luck with your life,bad attitude girl.

  12. I am taking the Comp Lit class now and I agree the music pulls you in as you read.. Very interesting numbers in the increase of technical use by social media! The word of mouth is the way.

  13. Ashford student here and I am proud to be one, and I am proud of every individual who takes the chance to better ones self and take their education seriously with being dedicated to time, requirements and extensive work that is a part of a working adult’s life. I enjoyed the video and the numerous facts that can be verified, and built upon when using as a reference in a discussion. Thank you!

  14. No doubt social media is the phenomenon in the room and evrywehere else. Music kind of makes the video and compliments the stats. Good job!

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